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Top FAQ’s About Celebrity Cougars

A cougar is deemed so if she dates a guy younger than she is. Now becoming much more common place and accepted by society, it wasn’t always this way. Celebrity women began dating much younger men, and while society was shocked at first, it soon got used to it! Curiosity, more than anything else, prompted all kinds of questions to be fired at these ‘newsworthy’ people.

Magazines focus on the relationships of all celebrities, but in the case of the woman being of cougar status the attention becomes even more intense. It seems the public has more questions than there are answers to! Why all the attention? It seems that the fans have a fascination with anything Hollywood -related, and especially with their favorite stars. Some questions are asked more than others, but there are a few that remain relatively the same.

People want to know how the celebrities manage to maintain a long term relationship when the woman is considerably younger than her man. Well, in certain cases where the two have been together for many years, they must have figured something out! Obviously she is not worried that he will cheat on her because the relationship would have ended, unless she is very forgiving, that is.

Another frequently asked question is where and how did they meet? Unless they met on a movie set or were introduced by mutual friends, that is something only the couple can answer. Remember, the celebrity cougars are out and about quite frequently and there undoubtedly is a young man admiring her from afar! No matter how old she is she is very aware of her looks and maintains herself to perfection.

Celebrity cougars get asked many times what her and the younger man have in common. Again, no one knows the answer to this but her. Maybe she just likes being seen on the arm of a handsome younger guy. It must be quite an ego booster to have a younger man at her beck and call, and why not? Her goal is to keep her looks as long as she can, and a young man can help her feel younger.

Is she worried that a younger version of herself will come along and steal him away? Many people want to know how she feels about this subject. Well yes, she probably does, because it has happened in many public cougar/cub relationships in Hollywood. It makes it difficult to show emotion about breakups if you are constantly in the public eye, however. Celebrity cougars keep their feelings to themselves about this particular subject.

Many of the celebrity cougars you have heard about are in relationships with someone who is a whole lot younger than they are. There is often a 20 to 25 year age gap between the two, and while this may be shocking to some people, the celebrity cougars involved think nothing of it! The question many people are dying to ask is whether or not a huge age difference between a celebrity cougar and a much younger man bothers either one of them. Apparently not since they are still doing it!