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5 Ways To Power Up Your Cougar Dating

Cougars are women who love being with younger men, and that would be you. There are ways for you to meet an older woman, and things you can do to up your chances of scoring that date. You certainly want to make a great first impression on this lady and increase your chances of her returning the interest, so here are 5 things to keep in mind to do just that!

Always be honest about what you are looking for. Do you want a long term relationship, or do you just want to have a little fun? Being upfront about what you want will show her that you are not just playing her for a roll in the hay. Who knows? That may be all she wants from you, but you really need to be honest about it right from the start, and you have the right to expect the same from her. Be open!

Bringing up the age difference is a huge no-no. While it may not bother her, she knows how old she is and doesn’t need to be reminded of it every time you are together. She also knows how old you are, and if it doesn’t matter to either one of you, move on. Age is just a number anyway. If you are both comfortable with the age gap, what does it matter?

Do not expect her to pay for everything just because she probably has the better job! Do your share, or work something out ahead of time. In the beginning, if it is easier, you can split the bill for a date, but this doesn’t mean every time! Talk it over with her once you are comfortable together and see how it plays out. If she is just looking for a playmate she actually may want to pay.

Keep yourself in shape! It will pay off in the long run if you are buff and trim. Although many relationships do not base success on physical appearance, this is one time that you want to have everything going for you right from the start. A cougar isn’t going to want to date someone who takes no pride in his appearance. If you are serious about a cougar-cub relationship, join a gym and whip yourself into shape!

Always act like a gentleman when you are around her. Since she is older, she knows good manners when she sees them. Chances are she has been out with guys who aren’t so chivalrous and she does not want a repeat episode. It also is a big advantage if you have a great sense of humor, a friendly, outgoing personality and a man of good character. She will judge you by the way you treat her as well as how you are with her friends. Stay sharp!

If you take note of the suggestions above, your cougar hunt and the relationship you develop should get off to a great start and continue for as long as you both want it to. Remember, cougars are very attuned to their feelings and measure your worth in the manner that you treat them.