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Dating An Older Cougar Woman

Cougar dating? Yes, that is the name given when younger guys prefer to date a woman substantially older then they may be. Dating an older woman/cougar is becoming the norm now. It seems as if everyone is getting in on this game-or wish they could! It’s no longer taboo, and these couples don’t have to hide their relationships any longer.

Hollywood celebrities have been doing it for years and it never seems to bother them. They are out and about in public, holding hands, cuddling, and posing for the cameras. Some of them have even gotten married and it seems to work quite well. In fact, there are a few of them where the older woman even has children the same age as her new boyfriend!

It’s no wonder this dating trend has taken hold and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. These people are having fun and they don’t care what society thinks! Truth be told, however-society doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it. Given a few narrow-minded people who make it their business, that is. These certain few would object to just about anything, and often do.

No matter what public opinion is, no one has the right to say who is right and who may be wrong about the current older woman/younger man situation. Many people are jealous of the relationships that develop. Some may even wish they had the courage to do it but are too afraid of what others may think. Well, if you are not breaking any laws, and it feels right, just do it!

Dating an older woman/cougar can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship, or it may be something you both want to do just for companionship and fun. Common interests, a sharing of passion for something you both care about, and a genuine zest for life are what will make a relationship last no matter what the age. Don’t ever worry about what others might think.

Not sure where to meet this older woman you desire? Well, keep in mind that older women are out and about in just about any place you can think of. Just don’t expect to encounter a group of them holding up a sign stating that they are looking for a younger guy! They have more class and are more subtle than that- or at least most of them do.

Take yourself to a popular coffee shop and scout out the area. Now, this does not mean you hit on every older woman you see! Take your time and see who is sitting alone, and then you might strike up a conversation or offer to buy her a cup of coffee. The bulldozing effect doesn’t work, however. Be a gentleman, and if she doesn’t seem interested, leave her alone. Some women just don’t want to be bothered.

Dating an older woman/cougar takes a bit of finesse. If you are coming on like an eager schoolboy she is definitely going to send you on your way. Be polite, act more mature than your age, be interested in what she has to say and you may just get lucky enough to get a first date!