Top FAQ’s About Celebrity Cougars

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Granny Slappers UK

Granny Slappers UK

A cougar is deemed so if she dates a guy younger than she is. Now becoming much more common place and accepted by society, it wasn’t always this way. Celebrity women began dating much younger men, and while society was shocked at first, it soon got used to it! Curiosity, more than anything else, prompted all kinds of questions to be fired at these ‘newsworthy’ people.

Magazines focus on the relationships of all celebrities, but in the case of the woman being of cougar status the attention becomes even more intense. It seems the public has more questions than there are answers to! Why all the attention? It seems that the fans have a fascination with anything Hollywood -related, and especially with their favorite stars. Some questions are asked more than others, but there are a few that remain relatively the same.

People want to know how the celebrities manage to maintain a long term relationship when the woman is considerably younger than her man. Well, in certain cases where the two have been together for many years, they must have figured something out! Obviously she is not worried that he will cheat on her because the relationship would have ended, unless she is very forgiving, that is.

Another frequently asked question is where and how did they meet? Unless they met on a movie set or were introduced by mutual friends, that is something only the couple can answer. Remember, the celebrity cougars are out and about quite frequently and there undoubtedly is a young man admiring her from afar! No matter how old she is she is very aware of her looks and maintains herself to perfection.

Celebrity cougars get asked many times what her and the younger man have in common. Again, no one knows the answer to this but her. Maybe she just likes being seen on the arm of a handsome younger guy. It must be quite an ego booster to have a younger man at her beck and call, and why not? Her goal is to keep her looks as long as she can, and a young man can help her feel younger.

Is she worried that a younger version of herself will come along and steal him away? Many people want to know how she feels about this subject. Well yes, she probably does, because it has happened in many public cougar/cub relationships in Hollywood. It makes it difficult to show emotion about breakups if you are constantly in the public eye, however. Celebrity cougars keep their feelings to themselves about this particular subject.

Many of the celebrity cougars you have heard about are in relationships with someone who is a whole lot younger than they are. There is often a 20 to 25 year age gap between the two, and while this may be shocking to some people, the celebrity cougars involved think nothing of it! The question many people are dying to ask is whether or not a huge age difference between a celebrity cougar and a much younger man bothers either one of them. Apparently not since they are still doing it!

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Dating For Older Women – The Top 3 Mistakes You Simply Have To Stay Away From

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Granny Dating

Granny Dating

Times have definitely changed and today’s women have made much more progress within the last few decades compared to any other time in history. One area that has seen a lot of change when it comes to cultural acceptance of female would be relationships involving older women dating younger men. Back in the days, this was not a widely accepted relationship, but fortunately, we have reached an age where dating for older women has reached all-time heights.

People change with the times, however, so a lot of older women that used to date men their own age now approach adjustment periods where they date younger men instead. This could happen for various reasons, whether they enjoy the unfamiliar relationship dynamics or simply enjoy feeling younger again.

When it comes to dating for older women, however, no matter what the reasons are, there are several mistakes that mature women singles should stay away from:

Mistake Number One – Acting Younger

Just because you are a gilf, granny dating a younger man does not mean that you have to downplay your maturity to “fit to his lifestyle”. If people assume you are much younger than you actually are, that is fine. Dating for older women, however, does not include making conscious efforts to appear like you are a part of the younger crowd; otherwise, your partner might get the impression that you are not truly comfortable in your skin and with who you are. Keep in mind that if he is dating you, he likes you for you – and that includes your age and maturity level!

Mistake Number Two – Doubting Yourself

Grandma dating might be a new experience for both you and your partner and you might have difficulties in the beginning completely accepting the bigger-than-usual age gap between the two of you. Therefore, every once in a while, you might get insecure and think he would be better off with younger women. You should know that this is completely normal.

However, you should also know that this is not the case. A younger man would not be with an older woman unless he truly likes the way you look and appreciates everything you can bring into your relationship. Accept this fact and enjoy the moment. You might get insecure and worry about what will happen once he gets bored of you. Well, what makes you think he is not wondering what will happen once you get bored of him? Dating for older women involves your partner, too, so try not to worry too much.

3. Mothering Your Partner

Since you are older, you have probably gone through many more things in life than your partner – both good and bad. Just because you have more experiences and knowledge, however, does not mean you should treat him like an infant. Respect him and his age. Being younger does not mean that he does not have experiences of his own, too. If you scold him too much or always offer to help him with things, you could end up ruining your relationship for good.

Great relationships of older women dating younger men should be full of mutual respect, as well as a sense of equality. Keep these tips of dating for older women in mind to ensure that you make the most out of your experience at all times.

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Dating For Mature People – Learn How To Get The Young Man You Want Today

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Granny Dating Club

Granny Dating Club

As the years go by, you will need to make certain adjustments in the world of dating for mature people. How can you adapt to such unfamiliar circumstances, though, most of all if you are part of the throng of older women seeking younger men for relationships?

Here are several factors in life that you need to look at and make adjustments to in order to survive the game of dating younger men:

1. Your Sexual Urges

Since mature women singles tend to be older, your sexual urges tend to be higher, while the sexual urges of a man are much higher when they are younger. Although this means that an older woman and a younger man would be perfect for each other in bed, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to sleeping with younger men.

Nowadays, sexual intercourse happens to be a very open thing that younger people dabble in for fun, so there is really no telling how many sexual partners your young man of choice may have already been with. Because of this, when it comes to dating for mature people, you really should set some time aside to get to know him better and get a clearer idea of what kind of guy he is before jumping in the sack – no matter how much you really want to.

Rushing into bed with a young and smoking hot man would not be smart in the world of dating for mature people and it may not even have the same appeal that it used to have when you were younger. Now, mature women singles need to look past just jumping into bed since there could be chances of a relationship actually going places. You would not want to destroy these chances by jumping straight into bed with a young man you barely know.

2. Your Gut Feelings

There are some mature women singles out there that simply do not learn their lesson, no matter how old they are; this just proves that maturity does not necessarily come with age. Try not to waste your time with a young man who has no intentions of staying by your side in the long run. When it comes to dating for mature people, you should know that you have less time to play around, so you should try to see where these young men see you in their lives by making quick assessments.

Although you may have had all the time in the world when you were younger, things are different now, so make quick judgments and do not settle for what is there just because you think you do not have a lot of options left.

3. Their Emotional Baggage

Make it your personal business to discover what the young man’s baggage is. Although such men are younger, they could still come with tons of baggage that you should prepare yourself for. Whether it is a horrible ex-girlfriend or a different chip on the shoulder, find out what it is. If you believe you can handle the baggage he is carrying, then that would be great; but if not, you should move on immediately.

By figuring out the baggage of young men who date older women, you can weed them out to survive the game of dating for mature people in no time.

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Dating An Older Cougar Woman

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Grannies Dating UK

Grannies Dating UK

Cougar dating? Yes, that is the name given when younger guys prefer to date a woman substantially older then they may be. Dating an older woman/cougar is becoming the norm now. It seems as if everyone is getting in on this game-or wish they could! It’s no longer taboo, and these couples don’t have to hide their relationships any longer.

Hollywood celebrities have been doing it for years and it never seems to bother them. They are out and about in public, holding hands, cuddling, and posing for the cameras. Some of them have even gotten married and it seems to work quite well. In fact, there are a few of them where the older woman even has children the same age as her new boyfriend!

It’s no wonder this dating trend has taken hold and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. These people are having fun and they don’t care what society thinks! Truth be told, however-society doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it. Given a few narrow-minded people who make it their business, that is. These certain few would object to just about anything, and often do.

No matter what public opinion is, no one has the right to say who is right and who may be wrong about the current older woman/younger man situation. Many people are jealous of the relationships that develop. Some may even wish they had the courage to do it but are too afraid of what others may think. Well, if you are not breaking any laws, and it feels right, just do it!

Dating an older woman/cougar can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship, or it may be something you both want to do just for companionship and fun. Common interests, a sharing of passion for something you both care about, and a genuine zest for life are what will make a relationship last no matter what the age. Don’t ever worry about what others might think.

Not sure where to meet this older woman you desire? Well, keep in mind that older women are out and about in just about any place you can think of. Just don’t expect to encounter a group of them holding up a sign stating that they are looking for a younger guy! They have more class and are more subtle than that- or at least most of them do.

Take yourself to a popular coffee shop and scout out the area. Now, this does not mean you hit on every older woman you see! Take your time and see who is sitting alone, and then you might strike up a conversation or offer to buy her a cup of coffee. The bulldozing effect doesn’t work, however. Be a gentleman, and if she doesn’t seem interested, leave her alone. Some women just don’t want to be bothered.

Dating an older woman/cougar takes a bit of finesse. If you are coming on like an eager schoolboy she is definitely going to send you on your way. Be polite, act more mature than your age, be interested in what she has to say and you may just get lucky enough to get a first date!

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Why Dating A Granny Is The Latest Trend

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Grab A Granny

Grab A Granny

If you look back to the way things were several decades ago, dating a granny was completely taboo. Therefore, a lot of people are now still very surprised to see more and more younger men going out with women several years, if not a decade or more, older than them. However, granny dating is now highly acceptable in today’s society and has even turned into the latest trend in dating.

Society seems to have pre-determined that it is the man who has to be older when it comes to relationships and dating, although there really is no valid reason for this to be so. Therefore, whenever people see older women with younger men, they end up getting suspicions along with various other negative thoughts.

Fortunately, this notion is now long gone in the world of romantic relationships and older women seeking younger men have completely invaded the scene of dating to date. Nobody can really determine whether it should be called a “fad”, though, since this form of dating has been persistent for years now.

This sudden growth in dating a granny has been fueled even further by the increase in the amount of dating websites offered on the World Wide Web today. Whether with membership fees or completely free of charge, they certainly give older women much more confidence and get rid of any awkward feelings in making the initial move on younger men they might be interested in. Taking part in courtship and conversations in the virtual world has also given such women the chance to establish relationships with younger men and vice versa from the comforts of their own homes.

However, this trend of dating a granny has not just spread in the world of regular people. Even celebrities have followed this trend, such as Demi Moore, Madonna, and Cher. With these celebrities becoming today’s roles models, they have made the majority of older women seeking younger men feel more accepted and have even given them the notion that dating young women is not castigated anymore, as it was in the past.

The main reason couples get into relationships involving granny dating, whether as a younger man or older woman, would vary from one couple to the next, though. Sometimes it is merely about sex and more laidback. Another reason for dating a granny could be that it involves a kind of dating that comes with less competition and more options. After all, most older women are already divorced or have at least been in tons of failed relationships and now have very limited options in their own age range, making them want to turn to younger men for their personal dating needs.

As with any other relationships, gilf dating could involve long-term commitments, as well, even though both parties may have had different intentions in the beginning. Whether you wish to settle down or just want to have some fun, looking into this kind of dating setup would be a great prospect for both younger men and older women alike.

If, as an older woman, you feel like you need to have worries related to this field of dating; they should really only be related to caution. A lot of younger men look into dating a granny without wanting serious commitments, so older women who want to find somebody to settle down with need to take more heed.

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